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90210 Season 2 Episode 18 - Another, Another Chance

Episode Summary:

Naomi is forced to testify during her sexual harassment hearing and she later drops a bomb that no one saw coming. Annie tries to forget her relationship with Jasper by seeking to buy a new car with Silver. But when Annie and Silver drive past the scene of her hit-and-run, the guilt comes rushing back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Dixon and Ivy keep their fake relationship and decide to take it to the next level. Both Gia and Lila become uncomfortable about Adrianna’s friendship with Navid which leads to Gia cheating on Adrianna. Ryan keeps dating Ivy’s troubled mother, Laurel, who lures him into her dangerous world of pot-smoking and free-love. At the end, Liam receives a surprise visit from his estranged father, who was recently released from prison and wants to re-connect with his son.

Air Date: 13 Apr 2010

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