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Nikita Season 1 Episode 15 - Alexandra

Episode Summary:

Watch Nikita season 1 episode 15 online on Thursday night, February 17, 2011 which episode title is “Alexandra” and set to a mission of Alex where she was betrayed by a long lost friend named Irina. In this episode, Alex was captured by a Russian mobster named Vlad due to what Irina have done despite she was tried to helped by Alex.

That’s when Nikita comes to the picture on this episode. She will try to save Alex without blowing Alex’s cover with Michael which is quite difficult since Alex and Nikita are known during the previous episodes to be rivals. Well let just see if how will Nikita will work with the person that keeps on hunting her just to save her comrade.

The following shows a preview clip of what will happen on Nikita episode 15:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/5L41r-nGqiA 560 349]

Watch the full episodes of Nikita season 1 episode 15 on Thursday, just in case you miss it on TV for whatever reasons. This was preceded by Nikita 14: The Next Seduction.

Air Date: 1 Jan 1970

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